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Powerex Corp. is the wholly owned energy marketing and trading subsidiary of BC Hydro. Powerex buys and sells wholesale electricity, natural gas and environmental energy products and services in Western North America (WECC). In business since 1988, Powerex Corp. is headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia. Powerex also markets the Canadian Entitlement energy from the Columbia River Treaty.

A person said this in a review at Indeed website: "The work at Powerex is physically demanding. You will not have the opportunity to learn. I can't remember the pay rate but it was unfair".


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Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Management is terrible!! A group of young college boys being run by an work place bully, who think they know everything, but know nothing about Semi- conductor business. Running business into ground, and trying to ship jobs out of the United States."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Losing business constantly, not much future here. "Management" does not know how to manage, favoritism is an issue across the board. Recently split with their partner Mitsubishi because of decades long mismanagement of company funds. Current CEO is a whistle-blower and has no interest in improving morale, company profitability, etc. or the future of the company. They make a few niche products that are being phased out, but can't build or ship them on time. Work has been outsourced overseas and has caused only headaches and cost a lot more money than is being returned. This has not improved performance or profits at all. Most people who have been here for a long time have been moved around from job to job because they are unable to do their job properly but are "favorites" of "management"."

Current Employee - Engineer says

"Losing business left and right, not much future in the products. Refuse to advance. Really no future here for any career. If you are employed here, it is fleeting and any jobs in the future will be on thin ice. They make a few niche products that are being phased out. Technologically far behind, and their recent investments in the business have been for naught because they can't sell anything from them. The problem here is gross incompetence and just bad judgement calls on the daily. Also, don't ever plan on getting a raise. It may happen, but probably won't."

Compressor Assembly lead (Current Employee) says

"News new idea's from new people. Organize your inventory know it's location at all time. Not wasting money with employees on their butt waiting on parts especially on O.T. Management even allowed a bully for years in the work place, bc, of their knowledge of the equipment time on job.A lot of overtime, due to disorganization & favoritism.Six out 7 day's a week."

Quality Control Inspector (Former Employee) says

"The place had its ups and downs. Was not a fan of the Union, but you needed to join it to be hired. Pay was ok, Work force were mostly Women. Management was a big turn over when I was there"

semiconductor tester (Former Employee) says

"only got to work there for a short period of time but they seemed to run things preety good at their facility. west penn power was laying off people at the time and my job was some how linked to their co. so then i got laid off, so i looked elsewhere for work.pay with promise of future advancementsgot laid off."

Senior Product Designer (Former Employee) says

"A typical day starts with processing orders, going over what submittal data (drawings included) is needed, and just carrying out the work. Sometimes you will work with Production to fix issues on the shop floor. The only problem is the constantly changing of targets; one day project X is the priority, but the next project Y will supercede it even though project X isn't completed.The staff is all nice and very helpful, but management can't seem to give a single direction that lasts more than a few days to a few weeks."

agent de qualite (Former Employee) says

"Possibilité de mise à niveau,Cours de formation fréquents,les heures suplimentaire et le travaile de weekend,male organisation de travaile..."

Treasurer/CFO (Former Employee) says

"Flat organizational structure, easy to get involved in all parts of the business, easily able to move between organizations, business growth needs to happen"

Process Mechanic/ Equipment maker (Former Employee) says

"The job was stressful at times worked around high voltage, and acids. Learned about vacuum systems and equipment repair. The management and culture changed. The hardest part of job for me was working around acids and chemicals. Met a lot of interesting and knowledgeable people there and made a few good friends.benefits were very goodManagement"

Purchasing / Materials Manager (Current Employee) says

"A good workplace for the Pittsburgh area. You will wear multiple hats in management. Both union and non union environment.Excellant learning enviroment across the business segmentVery little growth opportunity"

Purchasing/Shipping Clerk (Former Employee) says

"I enjoyed working at Powerex overall. Management is unclear about work procedures & constantly makes changes to employee roles which causes confusion.Job security/AdvancementHealthcare"

Frederick George says

"I order this item on 8/28 and it still hasn’t arrived. I’m wondering if I will ever get it."

Craig says

"The light did not come with the clip and accessories shown on box."

Brent Brown says

"I ordered a flashlight on December 28 which showed they were in stock. 3 days after purchasing I received an email saying that they were no longer in stock and it was back ordered for a few weeks. If I had known this prior I wouldn’t have purchased since I needed it for my job ASAP. When customer service sent me a generic email stating it was now out of stock and would likely be back in stock in 1-2 weeks they offered no option to cancel/refund my order or to expedite shipping when it was finally back in stock. I’m very disappointed and still currently waiting to hear when my flashlight is back in stock and shipping hopefully expedited to me."

MGP says

"I was sent a micro light II that seems to be low on battery or defective. I sent a message to the company letting them know and the person who responded stated the product is usually in this condition. I have ordered from this company in the past, same product and never was sent a micro light that performed poorly. I was not offered a replacement, but I was advised to "exchange it". Great! I have to go through the trouble to mail it back. Unbelievable."

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